ღ my favourite films pt.1 ღ

HIII !! sorry i didn't post yesterday i was tired and totally forgot buttttt at least i'm posting today :) this isn't mental health related but this blog is lit just like whatever i'm thinking about at the time, my thoughts, etc sooo enjoy ???

-8 mile  THIS IS SUCH A GOOD FILM?? idk how to explain this one other than 'rabbit' moves back in with his mother after breaking up with his girlfriend, he has nothing, he left her with the car because she said she was pregnant. he goes to work everyday then comes home and goes out in town with his friends, who are all black - he gets made fun of because of his colour until one night he finally picks up the courage to show everyone his talent and rap on stage. loads of other things happen aswell but i'm not good at explaining and if u watch it it's way better ?? idk not going to lie one of the main reasons i love this film is bc it has eminem in it lmao [contains strong language, violence, sex]

∞ distraction boxes !! ∞

okay hiii people, so i was on insta today scrolling away right and then i saw this absolutely amazing idea !!! so they are called 'distraction boxes' and they're used for when you are having urges to self harm or if you are feeling anxious/overthinking, etc and need something else to think about.

how to make one :  - you will need a shoe box or any small(ish) box - the size of the box will depend on how much stuff you want in it:) - put some things in there that make u happy !! for example ; pictures of your friends, family, pets, etc - add some 'distraction' items such as ; stress balls, play doh, bag of beads, slime and lego... - if you enjoy colouring in then add some pens/pencils & a colouring in book or a sketch book - this is a good way to relax and relieve stress ! - put your fave films / books in there too:) - sticky notes to write random notes and doodle on ?? - face masks, bath bombs (skincare, etc) so you can pamper yourself and relax<3 - similar to the fi…

☆ my fave mental health apps !! ☆

here's a list of some of my fave mental health apps with a quick summary and a rating:) all of these apps are free and easy to download from the app store :)
- rise up + recover this is probably one of my favourite apps, you can track pretty much everything on here and it keeps a log of each day so you can look back at how you done each day ... it tracks your sleep (how many hours, etc), your mood, your eating, if you took any drugs/drank alcohol and it reminds you to take your meds !! along with these features is a notes section on every page so you can write any notes about how you are feeling, what you did that day, etc etc. overall i'd give this app a 4/5:)
-calm harm this app provides tasks/games for people who are having the urges to self harm, you have the choice of five different activity types ; comfort, expressing yourself, breathing, releasing and distraction. these are the five remedies that people who are having the urge to self harm find the most effective. distracti…

☼ self care tips ☼

self care tips !! hi loveliesss,, decided to start up a blog for the 92829282th time because i'm grounded and need something to do for the next two weeks then will probs get bored of blogging then regret stopping ?? sounds about right lmao but ill try i promise
so !! these are mainly focusing on people with depression but can apply to anyone going through a hard time etc etc :(
generally looking after urself !! -
• sleep - depression can make u sleep way too much or not at all :( but getting a good amount of sleep will increase energy levels and improve your mood so it's important u get it ! ways to improve your sleeping pattern are ; meditation, nice hot baths and breathing exercises before going to bed, establishing a routine - for example, going to bed, waking up and turning your phone off at the same time every day will help ! doing regular exercises during the day will help you sleep better and it also improves your mood, memory and relieves stress :) 
• eating - it's imp…